11th–13th January 2019

Cambridge, UK.


Welcome to the website for the international archaeology forum:

How Jared Diamond Stole the Grand Narrative: Reclaiming Social Complexity in Global Perspective.

At the forum, leading archaeologists will convene to develop new accounts of our species’ deep history by drawing upon recent evidence and scholarship in global archaeology. The aim of the forum is not to critique the many grand narratives currently on offer from outside of archaeology, but rather to reassert archaeology’s role as the leading voice in the large-scale and long term study of social complexity, and create an opportunity for new archaeological narratives to emerge.

This forum has been generously funded by the DM McDonald Grants and Awards Fund.

On these page you’ll find essential information about the workshop, including a list of participants, event information, and relevant announcements. If you need additional information, feel free to write to the organizers at: